Firebrand Technologies is more than a software and services company. We are an active partner in the book publishing business, and provide steadfast leadership and seamless information flow throughout the entire publishing process. It is what we love and what we do -- every day, for over 25 years.


Founded in 1987 by Fran Toolan, as Quality Solutions, Inc., he believed the publishing industry was a unique and creative business, yet needed efficient tools and workflow processes to thrive and be profitable. These tools must accentuate the creativity in publishing, not hinder it.


As developers of software and technology solutions, we serve all segments of the publishing community, including consumer trade book publishers, academic and educational publishers, journal publishers, audio publishers, distributors, trade partners, industry representatives, and other service providers. And with the ability to host technologies in our datacenter or install proprietary systems on-site, we deliver solutions that meet the needs of all publishers-any size-and all budgets.


With Firebrand at the forefront, the status quo has no place to hide. In a zealous pursuit to empower publishers and their partners, the company continues to host conferences, user groups, seminars, webinars, and other educational and entrepreneurial opportunities. Together, we stand united as an industry, in defiance of convention, deep in resources and expertise, and committed to pragmatic solutions that persistently encourage the publishing industry to be as creative, efficient, and successful as possible.


Title Management Enterprise Software tracks titles from pre-acquisition through post-production; our Eloquence on Demand is the most accurate and cost-effective way to implement ONIX and to distribute metadata and digital content to more than 400 trading partners. Our sister company NetGalley, delivers digital galleys to professional readers. Direct2Reader provides a suite of cutting edge industry applications to help publishers reach readers directly through enhanced website development, a Mobile First user interface, and a branded reader app.


These systems are based on the philosophy that front office staff should be focused on creative endeavors, and to do so they need to be highly efficient in title management to reduce the menial labor. This information is re-used in many different ways to eliminate redundancy and inaccuracy. As the information becomes more visible – both internally, and outside the press via sales catalogs, websites and trading partners – the reliability of the data improves dramatically.


We bring over 25 years of experience in title management to help you foster an efficient, creative and profitable publishing business. This knowledge and dedication, married with unsurpassed technical capabilities is unmatched in our industry.