April 23, 2014

Be the First to Take a Sneak Peak at Firebrand's....Title Management Enterprise - Version 9                                                                                                                                           

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This is the leap many of you out there in the Firebrand Community have been waiting for. Let us show you some of the newest functionality and style Firebrand and Title Management have to offer in our latest release - Version 9.

New developments include:

          Enhanced User Experience with updated design

          Improved Performance

          Management Dashboards

          Production Module integration into Title Management Web including Specifications, Cost Estimating and Purchase Orders

          International Localization

As an encore performance, we will showcase Version 9 in its full glory during our Community Conference, scheduled for this coming September in Portsmouth, NH.

 If you would like to schedule some time to meet at BEA, please email


September 25, 2013

Courier Corporation Selects Firebrand Technologies for Digital Content Distribution Services


Firebrand Technologies today announced that they have been selected to provide Courier Corporation, a leading book manufacturer and publisher, with digital content management and distribution services through their Content Services platform. Courier’s publishing brands including Dover Publications, Research & Education Association (REA), and Creative Homeowner will all utilize the Content Services platform to distribute digital content to the marketplace. In addition, Dover has selected Firebrand’s Direct2Reader platform to fulfill and manage ebook purchases for their consumer-facing website. 

The agreement adds to the existing Title Management Enterprise and Eloquence Metadata Distribution installations already in place at Courier. "Firebrand's Title Management and Eloquence solutions are already essential to our business, and market demands for rich metadata and flexible digital content are higher and more complex than ever before," said Carol Meaney, Courier Publishing eBook Manager. "Having the ability to centralize, optimize and distribute our digital assets and metadata from one flexible and integrated platform will help satisfy those demands and reach more consumers and trade partners.  Implementing Content Service with Firebrand Technologies was the next logical step in driving our process improvements and revenue growth."


Doug Lessing, Firebrand’s President, commented, “This project enables Courier to keep their print and digital product creation and distribution in step. Courier is a long-standing Firebrand customer, and we’re excited that they will be capitalizing on the Content Services and Direct2Reader platforms.” Digital distribution through Firebrand’s Content Services platform has quadrupled in the last nine months.



May 29, 2013

Simon & Schuster Selects Firebrand Technologies for Worldwide Digital Content Distribution, Eloquence Metadata Distribution

Firebrand Technologies today announced that they have been selected to provide worldwide digital content distribution services and metadata services for print and digital books for Simon & Schuster, one of the world's largest trade consumer publishers, through Firebrand's Content Services and Eloquence Metadata solutions.

"Now more than ever, an efficient digital supply chain is a strategic asset," said Frank Nunez, Vice President, Business Operations, Simon & Schuster. "Firebrand's Title Management system has long been at the core of a consistent title creation process for our organization, and it was a natural choice to take advantage of the automated connections between Title Management, Eloquence and Content Services."

In addition to digital content distribution for sales, compatibility with marketing services like NetGalley and Search Inside programs, and Print on Demand, the project includes extensive automated support to communicate territory restrictions, rights, and complex pricing, as well as integration with Simon & Schuster's in-house digital asset management system. Working with Firebrand, Simon & Schuster will distribute content and metadata in ONIX format to its trading partners worldwide through automated processes incorporated into their workflow.

"Our mission is to develop solutions and services that support better connections between publishers, readers and content," said Doug Lessing, President, Firebrand Technologies. "Simon & Schuster's integrated approach makes sound business sense and we believe will result in real efficiencies in their processes, faster time to market, and ultimately more visibility of their content with readers."



May 1, 2013

Welcome to Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business will be implementing Title Management and Eloquence. Title Management will become their central metadata management system, integrated with SAP on the back end and multiple public facing websites on the front. Eloquence will deliver Onix internationally for Wolters Kluwer Law and Business. Welcome! "



May 1, 2013

Brookes Publishing Joins the Firebrand Family

Brookes Publishing is now in the process of implementing Title Management, Eloquence Metadata and Content Services. Welcome to the Firebrand Community!"



April 11, 2013

eBook Architects Offers Promotional Discount on Design Projects and Conversions

On the heels of our announcement welcoming eBook Architects to the Firebrand family, we would like to offer the Firebrand community a 10% discount on their next 5 design or conversion projects. This is a chance to get to know eBook Architects and experience the quality of their work and customer service.

Please email Nick Ramirez at and mention this newsletter to receive your discount.



April 11, 2013

Title Management Desktop Sunset

At the Firebrand Community Conference in September 2012, we announced the sunset date for support on the Title Management Desktop application as of January 2014. We are encouraging our community to migrate to the latest Title Management Web applications by that time.  This latest application has far more capabilities, flexibility and user customization than our Title Management Desktop application and has been the focus of most of our enhancement development in the past few years.  For a software company like Firebrand, it is very challenging to stay current with new technology platforms. However, over the past 25 years, we have always made the strategic decision to re-engineer our software to stay current. The larger the software gets, the longer it takes to re-engineer. At some point, we need to leave the past platform behind and focus on the latest software. That point is January 2014 for Title Management Desktop.


First some history:  The Title Management Desktop application is a Windows client application and is paired with the Production Module application.  The Title Management Desktop application was focused mainly on metadata management, production schedules, rich marketing information and catalog creation, amongst other title functions.  Development began in the mid-late 1990’s.  To be clear, the Production Module, focused on printing management including manufacturing specifications, cost estimating and purchase orders, is NOT being sunset.  Both these client applications are built in a tool called Powerbuilder, which was a very popular application development platform.  These applications then connect to a Microsoft SQLServer database engine (hence the tech term of Client-Server), where all of the data is stored.


So what does ‘Sunset’ mean?  We are currently maintaining two versions of our software – the Windows Title Management Desktop and our latest Title Management Web application, which is a web browser based application running on the Microsoft .Net framework.  This means that we must support two applications with the same set of functionality at the same time. This dual support has been in place for several years, which prevents us from investing our resources in the most necessary areas. ‘Sunset’ means we will no longer be providing support for Title Management Desktop as of January 1, 2014, although of course it won’t simply shut off on January 1. 


The Administration functions currently in Title Management Desktop  such as User Tables and Security management will remain in this application and will continue to be supported, but the Title windows, starting with Title Search, will be turned off in future releases. 


This has no effect on your licenses or your Annual Maintenance. By paying the Annual Maintenance, you automatically receive upgrades to Title Management, including the latest versions of Title Management Web. You are free to install Title Management Web and begin using it with the same User ID’s you currently have.  In fact, many publishers are using both platforms simultaneously, as they transition their user communities from Desktop to Web.  This is a great strategy for building expertise in house without an abrupt cutover to the new platform. Because both the Desktop and Web applications share the same database, you can safely maintain your title data from either version.


We have created several webinars and resources to help with this transition. We invite you to contact Rob Stevens our Chief Community Officer at to learn more about transition planning.  As always, Firebrand greatly appreciates the loyalty of our clients, and we look forward to years of collaboration on our latest software.


 February 5, 2013

Firebrand Technologies Acquires eBook Architects, will offer eBook Conversion and Design Services

Firebrand Technologies, a leading publishing industry technology services company, announced today that they have acquired eBook Architects, thepremier eBook design company handling complex content and enhanced eBooks, founded by Joshua Tallent. The acquisition fits into Firebrand's mission to establish itself at the nexus where "publishers, content and readers meet" through a true end-to-end service.  Firebrand will retain the eBook Architects brand, and the company's staff will continue operating from existing offices in Austin, TX.

Distinguished as an authoritative leader in the industry, eBook Architects works with authors and publishers of all sizes, designing well-formatted, high-quality eBooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other devices. eBook Architects has a diverse list of clients and partners, including publishers, agents, print book designers, distributors, and independent authors. eBook Architects specializes in creating enhanced eBooks and fixed layout  files for all of the major eBook channels.


As a senior member of the Firebrand team, founder Joshua Tallent will continue in his leadership role at eBook Architects.  He is an acknowledged expert for Kindle and ePub formats, and author of Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide. Joshua is an active speaker and teacher on topics related to eBook design, conducting numerous online and in-person seminars for groups like Digital Book World, Tools of Change, Book Expo America, BISG, and the Association of Canadian Publishers. eBook Architects is a member of the IDPF and the IBPA.


Click to learn more about Firebrand's Content Services


January 29, 2013

Firebrand Technologies and NetGalley Announce Several Key Appointments

Steve Rutberg joins Firebrand as Director of Marketing and Sales. Steve’s management background in marketing and sales of scholarly books, textbooks, and digital products includes positions at WoltersKluwer Health, Taylor & Francis, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Prentice Hall, and McGraw-Hill. As a former client of Firebrand, Steve brings a publisher’s perspective to the team and will be responsible for evangelizing the benefits of Firebrand offerings and crafting integrated plans for clients.

Firebrand also welcomes Annie Johnston to the Content Services team as Content Services Specialist. Annie is formerly the Digital Content Manager at Independent Publishers Group where she managed the IPG Digital program. She will be working directly with Firebrand ebook distribution clients and partners to ensure the highest level of customer service and seamless flow of content from Publisher to Reader.   

NetGalley welcomes Stuart Evers to the role of UK Community Manager, based in London. A former bookseller and editor, Stuart will be responsible for liaison, training, support and consultation with the growing number of UK-based publishers who are utilizing NetGalley, as well as growing NetGalley’s UK reader community.

NetGalley also welcomes Steve Manes to the development team, a key addition to support the service as new features are added. Steve comes to NetGalley from The Children's Health Fund where he built and managed electronic health records software and oversaw Drupal deployment for 27 child health programs.

In another growth milestone, the NetGalley professional reader community recently reached 100,000 members. “The steady growth and enthusiastic engagement of our member community is gratifying,” said Susan Ruszala, NetGalley’s President. “With new staff in place to support the re-launched site, we’re looking forward to servicing this community in smarter and more meaningful ways in 2013.”


 December 2012

Firebrand Content Services Family Expands

December was a busy month for Firebrand with several new publishers joining Content Services for eBook conversion and distribution including University of Minnesota Press, MIT Press,  Gibbs-Smith,  and Newburyport neighbor Redwheel.


IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards

Firebrand is pleased to be a sponsor of the IBPA's Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards! Click here for more information.


Launched December 2012

Firebrand is pleased to announce that we are now the North American distributor for Book2Look, an innovative widget for reading and sharing book content online. The Book2Look widget will be offered alongside Firebrand's Content Services, offering users faster setup and implementation than other mainstream commercial offerings, and as a promotion option for NetGalley customers. Book2Look is also available for non-Firebrand customers. 

What is a Book2Look widget?
A Book2Look widget is a sharable link publishers and their partners can use to promote and sell their titles. Each widget includes browser-based selected book content, controlled by the publisher. Best of all, the widgets are designed to be shared via social media, email and blogs, and readers can click to buy, rate or comment on the book. The widget is a powerful book promotion, marketing and sales tool that can be created with little effort. You can use the widget as a standard tool for your entire list (for example, on your own website, or as part of the title record at an independent online retailer) or in a specific marketing campaign (via an author's Facebook page, for example; in trade or retail advertising; or in your social media efforts.

Why is Firebrand partnering with Book2Look?
Firebrand has always been in the business of helping publishers facilitate book discovery through better systems and processes for creating and disseminating book information. Book2Look is a natural evolution of our core services and will be integrated into our offerings, starting with Content Services and NetGalley.

 For more information click here





From Publishers Weekly
A Call to Arms - Quality Solutions reinvents itself at its first user conferences

April 21, 2008
By Craig Morgan Teicher
Many in the publishing community are familiar with the name Quality Solutions—it has long produced the Title Management software that many houses use to track and send out data about their books. But, like so much else in the book biz, the time for change has come, at least according to Fran Toolan, president of newly minted Firebrand Technologies. Read on
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More than 100 attendees officially knighted as Firebrands
April 8, 2008
Fran Toolan performed an official induction ceremony to anoint as Firebrandz more than 100 community members at the 2008 Firebrand Community Conference. With Community Leader, Burnard V. Char (aka Burnie) overseeing the ceremony, Fran urged to community to work together, defy convention and seek out innovative paths to transform publishing.
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The Firebrand Community Welcomes Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company
April 7, 2008
The Firebrand Community welcomes the newly combined company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company (HMHCO), who has adopted Firebrand's Title Management Solutions and Eloquence Metadata Solutions in its Trade Publishing division. Having served Harcourt Trade for more than 7 years, Firebrand looks forward to a new era of providing innovative solutions and software to the combined team. Welcome!
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Baker & Taylor's Advantage Publishing Group adopts Title Management Solutions
March 14, 2008
We welcome Baker & Taylor and their Advantage Publishing Group to the Firebrand Community. Already a member of the Community as a Trading Partner, Firebrand is pleased to include the folks at APG as a new relationship is formed. APG publishes a great collection of books Juvenile books and products under the Silver Dolphin imprint, Adult illustrated and gift books under the Thunder Bay imprint and the famous Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series and other great books under the Portable Books imprint. Special thanks to Gary Johnston who worked very hard to pull together the final signed agreement! Visit Advantage Publishers Group [ *link ]
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Going Audio: Welcome to Oasis Audio
March 13, 2008
Firebrand welcomes Dan Balow, Julieanne Vickers and the Oasis Audio team to the Firebrand Community. A member of ECPA, Oasis Audio produces and distributes a wide variety of personal listening products with inspirational messages. Oasis has adopted the Title Management Hosted Solution and the Eloquence Metadata Solution. Welcome!
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ECPA Member Publisher New Growth Press Adopts ECPA Title Management Web
March 13, 2008
Michael Covington is pleased to announce the induction of New Growth Press to the ECPA Title Management Web program. New Growth Press publishes and sells a select list of high quality books focused on a fresh and practical approach to authentic living in the grace of Christ. Welcome to Karen Jacklin Teears and Mark Teears to the community!
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Back in the United Kingdom: Wimbledon Publishing Company Limited/Anthem Press joins the Firebrand Community
March 11, 2008
Welcome to Tej Sood, Director and Publisher of Anthem Press, and the Anthem Press team to the Firebrand Community. Anthem has adopted Title Management Hosted Solutions and the Eloquence Metadata Solutions. Visit Anthem at
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Barbour Publishing adopts Title Management, Eloquence Metadata Solutions and Ecommerce Solutions
February 27, 2008
President George Kournounakis leads the charge to adopt the whole suite of Firebrand's solutions. Publishing 150 new titles per year, "Faithfulness to the Bible and Jesus Christ are the bedrock values behind every book Barbour's staff produces". Barbour Books, A member of ECPA, is located in Uhrichsville, Ohio which is "conveniently located" between three major airports - 95 miles through beautiful rolling Ohio hills to Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visits with the Barbour team and look forward to visiting Uhrichsville and nearby Dennison in the upcoming months. Keep your eyes open for Barbour's new online presence this summer at and
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Firebrand Technologies and Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Announce New Partnership
February 21, 2008
Firebrand's Solutions and ECPA have established a new alliance to offer critical software and services to serve the ECPA's member publishers. We welcome Mark Kuyper, Michael Covington and the ECPA team to our community. For more info:
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Tuttle Publishing Joins the Firebrand Community
February 11, 2008
Firebrand welcomes Tuttle Publishing, who has adopted the Eloquence Metadata Solution! Tuttle will be delivering title information from their own proprietary internal systems for distribution in ONIX through Eloquence. Founded in 1948 in Rutland, VT and Tokyo, Japan, Tuttle is celebrating their 60th year in business publishing Asian interest books. Take a look at their great collection at Thanks to Kathy Jones for all her hard work in establishing this relationship.
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A Special Present on their 150th Anniversary: American Printing House for the Blind
January 23, 2008
On January 23, 1858, the American Printing House for the Blind (APH)was founded in the basement of the Kentucky School for the Blind. In 1879, the federal government designated APH as the official source of textbooks and aids for blind and visually impaired students across America. They continue to hold this designation today. Exactly 150 years later to the day, APH has adopted Firebrand's Title Management Solutions and Ecommerce Solutions as the backbone of their federally mandated service to provide the authoritative, comprehensive source of all accessible materials for blind and vision impaired students in the country. Known as the Louis website, the Title Management/Ecommerce solution will serve up more than a quarter million titles on a new website designed to be accessible to blind and vision impaired web visitors. Welcome to Julia Myers and her team!
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