Launched December 2012

What is a Book2Look widget?
A Book2Look widget is a sharable link publishers and their partners can use to promote and sell their titles. Each widget includes browser-based selected book content, controlled by the publisher. Best of all, the widgets are designed to be shared via social media, email and blogs, and readers can click to buy, rate or comment on the book. The widget is a powerful book promotion, marketing and sales tool that can be created with little effort. You can use the widget as a standard tool for your entire list (for example, on your own website, or as part of the title record at an independent online retailer) or in a specific marketing campaign (via an author's Facebook page, for example; in trade or retail advertising; or in your social media efforts).

Why is Firebrand partnering with Book2Look?
Firebrand has always been in the business of helping publishers facilitate book discovery through better systems and processes for creating and disseminating book information. Book2Look is a natural evolution of our core services and will be integrated into our offerings, starting with Content Services and NetGalley.


Title Management Solutions
Version 8
Launched October 2011

  • Revamped Architecture (again!)
    • Addition of Works level - maintain title information at a Work rather than ISBN level
    • Enhancements to propagation routines - copy title information from the Acquisition to the Work to the Title level
    • Enhancments to Elements
    • Introduction of Publicity Projects
    • Create New Formats function at the Project level during Acquisition phase
    • Enhancements to Contacts, Search and Verification
  • New Functionality for Content Services
    • Enhanced metadata verification routines for ebooks
    • Streamlined distribution templates
    • New distribution fail-safe functionality
  • New Functionality in Tasks
    • Printing number added, so you can track which tasks apply to which printing
    • A "revised date" allows you to track revisions to your schedules
  • Zero Pricing
    • Allows publishers to set prices to zero for promotions