Firebrand's Solutions are licensed to meet the priorities of the smallest publisher to the largest houses in the world. For our Title Management Enterprise Software, licensing is based on a 'per named user' model. For our Eloquence on Demand Service, solutions are available based on the number of active titles a publisher sells and with three different service levels available.

Our solutions can be installed in your house or hosted in our datacenter — it's your call.


With Title Management Enterprise, the question is how many users you want to utilize the software — not which functions they want to use. Licenses are based on per-named-user model, with a 5 user minimum. Each user is assigned a unique User Id for login. A user in Title Management can use any and all of the software functions — they are not blocked from one module to another. This removes barriers, and allows you to maximize your return on investment.

Licenses are not based on a concurrent user model, which in our opinion forces a user to logout of the system as quickly as possible to free up a session for another user — the exact opposite of the most beneficial use of the system. We encourage our users to login and maximize their use of the system by staying on the Home page or Title Search page so that they can quickly update or search for information.

All users can have full update privileges in the system — most everyone in a publishing house should own some portion of the information. Security is used by an administrator to grant or limit access — not licensing.

Firebrand offers two models for licensing and hosting:

Hosted Solutions

Firebrand offers Title Management Enterprise solutions hosted in our datacenter — located at Navisite in Andover, Massachusetts. This Software-As-A-Service model is used by publishers with the minimum 5 users up through publishers with more than 50 users. This model is ideal for those companies that want to minimize their up-front capital investment, provide a predictable operating cost, and most importantly focus on what they do best — publish books.

This environment includes a multi-tiered server structure based on industrial strength hardware and operating systems utilizing VMWare for Virtual Servers. With a front-end User Server running Terminal Services and Web Services, and a back end MSSQLServer database, we can optimize the configuration and performance of each server.

Access to Title Management Enterprise is provided through Remote Desktop for our Windows based desktop applications, while any Internet browser can be used for our Title Management Enterprise web based applications. Both Macs and PCs can and do access Title Management via Remote Desktop with great results.

Licensing for the Title Management Enterprise Hosted is a per-user/per month subscription fee. There are no upfront license costs, no upfront capital investment in server hardware and Microsoft SQLServer software. Maintenance/Support fees are included in the Monthly Subscription.

The Hosted Solution includes all Windows Server administration, database administration and backups, Firebrand software upgrade installations. The environment is monitored for health 24/7 by Navisite Network Operations and Firebrand staff.

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Installed Solutions

Firebrand Title Management Enterprise Solutions can be installed in your IT department, on your servers and operating systems. Although this requires a larger up-front capital investment in servers and Firebrand licenses, it offers you the control you may need in more complex environments.

Typically this is installed as a two-tiered structure as a dedicated SQLServer database, and a dedicated Terminal Server/Web application server, although these two servers can be combined into one well-designed machine if properly configured. If installing an ecommerce website, this is typically accomplished on a dedicated web server in a different security zone.

Licensing for Title Management Enterprise in an Installed model is based on a per named user, up front license charge with an annual upgrade and support fee.

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The Eloquence on Demand service is based on a monthly subscription service charge. Eloquence on Demand serves publishers with one title to 64,000 titles. No exaggeration — those are real numbers. Subscriptions are based on number of active titles and two different service plans to meet the needs of publishers and distributors of any size.

Eloquence on Demand includes access to Title Management: Eloquence on Demand Edition — a web-based version of Title Management, targeted for the functions needed to meet the requirements of ONIX and other sales support needs.

Learn more about the Eloquence on Demand Service Level Plans.


Our Ecommerce Solutions are designed to be extensible for publishers of any size. Given the unique requirements of each publisher and the need for a unique identity and presence on the web, Firebrand will tailor a proposal to meet your objectives and budget.

Our Ecommerce Solutions can be hosted in our datacenter, installed in your IT department, or installed at a third party provider with the proper services.

Learn more about our Ecommerce Solutions.