Direct2Reader Ecommerce Platform


The Challenge

As readers continue to embrace eBooks, the demands on your website is increasingly challenged.

Look closely at your current website.

Is it isolated and delivering only the minimum of title content?

Do your web visitors leave quickly or feel unsure of they are finding the right book or format, and ordering in a secure environment?

Does your site display well on mobile devices?

You're not alone. Most publishers have created their websites from scratch, unable to take advantage of any high-quality pre-existing solution


The Solution

Firebrand's Direct2Reader is a pre-developed architecture, designed and developed to include the functionality that is critical to the unique world of book publishers-designed to serve your visitors.

Be Progressive

Firebrand's Direct2Reader provides a suite of cutting edge industry applications to help publishers reach directly to readers, through enhanced website development, a Mobile First user interface, and a branded reader app for a platform-neutral, integrated reading experience.

Know Your Customers

The Direct2Reader ecosystem allows publishers to own the relationship with key audiences through an integrated, seamless purchasing and reading experience.

Remain Agile

The Direct2Reader ecosystem can include both print and ebook fulfillment through web and mobile environments, depending on the publishing organization's requirements.

Compete for Revenue

These tools are within reach, and provide a true competitive advantage at a time when it's never been more important to be progressive.

Automate through integration

Tightly integrated with Firebrand's Title Management Solutions, our Direct2Reader architecture leverages your investment in high- quality, enriched title information. With the click of a secure check box in Title Management, titles are published to your website and auto- matically refreshed as title information changes.

Administer Site Management

The Firebrand Administrative Console is the Content Management System for managing all additional site content and ecommerce functions.


Sell eBooks Direct2Reader

Intuitive full text searches

Safe, secure, and easy-to-follow shopping carts and checkout

User library for easy access to downloads of purchased products

Online and offline reading through a branded Reading App

Present a complete user experience for staff members and visitors alike. Firebrand has created this extensible architecture to help you focus your investment on creating a robust user experience that reflects your personality and drives repeated visits and sales.



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We already benefit daily from Firebrand systems in our title creation process, ebook distribution to trading partners, and metadata distribution. It was a natural step to work with Firebrand to fulfill individual reader ebook orders and allow readers to access their content from a central and well-built bookshelf.
VP and CIO
Courier Corporation