Direct2Reader Ecommerce Platform


As discoverability becomes more important and publishers struggle to capture the relationships with their readers, there is a distinct trend toward publishers selling books and eBooks directly to consumers on their own websites.

Direct to consumer sales offer publishers many benefits, including:

  • Gathering customer contact information, which is essential for relationship building.
  • Seizing targeted marketing opportunities, without trading partner limitations.
  • Bundling print and ebooks together with special pricing.
  • Selling all ebook formats, including the Kindle format, outside of the standard retail channels.
  • Collecting customer feedback and data that can positively influence acquisitions, marketing, and other parts of the overall business.

Firebrand's Direct2Reader solution is tightly integrated with our Eloquence on Demand service, providing the infrastructure that allows you to easily deliver ebook files directly to your consumers. The Direct2Reader platform can be implemented on any existing website, providing the file delivery and library management functionality your readers need.

Your EPUB and PDF files can be delivered with Adobe's ADEPT Digital Rights Management (DRM), with a customized Social DRM, or with no DRM at all. DRM cannot be applied to Kindle files that are sold outside the Amazon store, but if you choose the no-DRM option, you can deliver Kindle files to your readers using the Direct2Reader platform as well.

In addition to providing the core file storage and delivery mechanisms, Direct2Reader comes with a library widget that allows your readers to access the eBooks they have purchased at any time. The library widget can be skinned to match the theme of your site, and comes with both a cover view option and a list view option. Take a look at the following screenshots showing the Direct2Reader library in action:

Direct2Reader Title View - MIT Press

Direct2Reader Title View - Rick Steves

Direct2Reader Library List View

Direct2Reader's integration with Title Management and Eloquence on Demand removes the need for specialized file storage and delivery mechanisms on your website, and the integrated DRM options remove the costly fees associated with licensing and maintaining those systems yourself. If you are considering a move to direct-to-consumer sales, please call us today to find out how we can help.


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We already benefit daily from Firebrand systems in our title creation process, ebook distribution to trading partners, and metadata distribution. It was a natural step to work with Firebrand to fulfill individual reader ebook orders and allow readers to access their content from a central and well-built bookshelf.
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