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For over 18 years, Firebrand Technologies has been helping publishers meet the industry’s growing demand for sophisticated metadata distribution. These services have been maintained and supported by our team of award-winning industry experts, who take pride in every publisher’s success. We are continuing that tradition of innovation and reliability with our next-generation metadata and content distribution system:

Eloquence on Demand™ communicates richly formatted bibliographic metadata, cover images, and digital assets to trading partners such as Amazon, Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Ingram, Nielsen, Gardners, Booktopia, and TitlePage (see the full list of more than 400 here). Eloquence on Demand™ also supports ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 (What is ONIX?), as well as partner-specific format requirements.

The world of publishing metadata is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and publishers of all sizes encounter the same challenges, such as:

Eloquence on Demand™ provides solutions to all of these publisher challenges:

1. Delivering the right metadata and content to the right partner for the right audience: Eloquence on Demand allows you to send selective title feeds based on partner-specific rules, with complete flexibility and customization, including support for ONIX 2.1, ONIX 3.0, and retailer-specific metadata formats.

2. Ensuring the timeliness of metadata and content distribution: Eloquence on Demand can release your metadata feeds on a weekly, daily, or even hourly schedule, and also supports real-time (emergency) feeds. Your release schedule is in your control, allowing you to react quickly to market demands and shifts in customer interest.

3. Measuring the quality of metadata and eBook assets: Eloquence on Demand provides powerful verification and quality assurance tools for both your metadata and your EPUB files. The Elite service includes unlimited access to FlightDeck, the most powerful EPUB quality assurance and validation tool available.

4. Reaching trading partners around the corner and around the world: Eloquence on Demand offers unsurpassed metadata and content distribution to more than 400 trading partners around the world and offers an extensive eBook wholesale program. Eloquence on Demand helps your metadata, audiobooks, and eBooks reach your audience anywhere in the world.

Our new service offerings and flexible price tiers allow publishers to select the blend of print, eBook, and audio distribution that’s right for them.

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"Firebrand Technologies' Eloquence Metadata service facilitates the delivery of accurate, timely product data from publishers to down-stream users. I have long admired Firebrand Technologies' contribution to data integrity. I can give you no better testimony than to tell you our two publishing divisions, Sterling Publishing and Barnes & Noble Proprietary Publishing, are both Firebrand Technologies shops."
Vice President of Inventory Management & Vendor Relations
Barnes & Noble

"There is no question that we have seen an increase in sales at Amazon as a result of the high quality title information and images we are now sending through Firebrand's Eloquence service."
Director of IT
Motor Books International