Eloquence provides book publishers with the power to electronically disseminate and control the title information and jacket images that are being used in the sale of their products. Clients using Eloquence are able to leverage marketing information typically printed in catalogs, title information sheets, tip sheets, sell sheets, internal databases, and publishers' corporate websites to greatly increase sales.

Eloquence transmits rich formatted bibliographic metadata to distributors and online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Bowker, Muze, and others (over 200 Trading Partners currently available). Eloquence supports the ONIX format, as well as the specific format requirements of the trading partners listed. Eloquence also has the capacity to support much more expansive types of content and data transmission standards.

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"Firebrand Technologies' Eloquence Metadata service facilitates the delivery of accurate, timely product data from publishers to down-stream users. I have long admired Firebrand Technologies' contribution to data integrity. I can give you no better testimony than to tell you our two publishing divisions, Sterling Publishing and Barnes & Noble Proprietary Publishing, are both Firebrand Technologies shops."
Vice President of Inventory Management & Vendor Relations
Barnes & Noble

"There is no question that we have seen an increase in sales at Amazon as a result of the high quality title information and images we are now sending through Firebrand's Eloquence service."
Director of IT
Motor Books International