With the rapid acceleration of the rate of change, globalization of the industry, and the increased blurring of lines between what used to be considered technical issues and business matters, Firebrand Technologies, the leader in providing Digital Publishing Solutions, has expanded its service offering to include management consulting for publishers.

The new group's mission is to provide strategic and tactical advice and implementation assistance geared toward helping publishers navigate the current transitional waters and positioning them for whatever is next.

Firebrand Associates is staffed with a select cadre of seasoned veterans known for their pragmatic problem solving ability and focus on execution. We take an integrated, holistic approach to your business problems and believe that a great strategy is of little value without solid execution on that strategy. Our deep knowledge of the industry, best practices, finance, operations, supply chain management, and technology allows us to develop recommendations and to provide assistance in implementing solutions for the most complex and pressing issues facing C-level publishing executives today.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Workflow assessment and improvement
  • Direct to consumer marketing/merchandising/fulfillment
  • Inventory management and print on demand
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Sales force structures and management in the new environment
  • Cash flow and working capital optimization
  • Rights management and optimization
  • International markets
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Strategy and Tactics
  • Intelligent Marketing, Publicity and Community Building in a Digital World
  • Organizational Structure and Change Management


For additional information, contact Fran Toolan (978-465-7755).

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