NetGalley provides secure, digital galleys to a vibrant and growing community of professional readers. Small and large publishers; PR/marketing firms; and hundreds of indie authors in the US, Canada, UK and Australia are using NetGalley to generate early buzz about their titles. Registration is free for the reviewers, media, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators who request, read and recommend titles available on the site.


Digital galleys can be read on all major reading devices and tablets, and are protected files that cannot be shared. NetGalley provides extensive online and email publisher and reader support.


We offer four key ways to interact with our community:

1. Invite contacts to view titles using our email invite widget, which provides pre-approved access to view a title on NetGalley.

2. Approve requests from members, who are required to fill out a profile before requesting.

3. Receive feedback from members via NetGalley. This can include star ratings, reviews, notes, links and information about how members will recommend your title. Members can also share their feedback via their social networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to generate additional exposure for your titles.

4. Market to our community by opting into one of our paid marketing programs (more here: .


Clients have real-time reporting on which members are accessing content, and how they are reading, at all times.


NetGalley is integrated with Eloquence and Content Services, and it is especially easy for new Firebrand customers to get started with NetGalley. There is no charge for professional readers to use the service; publishers pay a set-up fee plus a monthly cost depending on the number of titles on the site at any one time. There is a per-title listing fee for authors who want to list a single title. Visit for more information.

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