What's your number? 10? 25? 75? More?

How many sources of title information do you have? Filemaker, Microsoft Word documents, Access databases, web databases? Excel spreadsheets? Weren't they invented for accountants?

Take the number in your head and triple it. If you really look hard you will find people maintaining title information in more places than you think.

Which one is accurate? How much time is wasted broadcasting changes so that everyone can update their personal sources? How much anxiety does your staff feel when there is a price change as catalog season approaches - do they glance around the conference table nervously?


Publishing is a creative business. It's also getting more sophisticated. Shouldn't your staff be focusing on those things that take advantage of their talents and which contribute to great books and great sales? Title Management Enterprise offers publishers one version of the truth - software based on a centralized database with the capabilities to manage publishing from Acquisition through Reprints, with Marketing and Sales in between.

Title information and collateral is collected in one central place by those that know that information the best, at the time that they know it.

This valuable asset is then leveraged to create production schedules, tip sheets, catalogs, B&N Title Cards, and websites.

Imagine a one-click process to send this information to all of your trading partners including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and Bowker — more than 100 in all. Firebrand's Eloquence puts you in control, and gets the word out.

Imagine one more click in Title Management to publish a complete, rich book detail page to your own website. Firebrand's Ecommerce Solution sets the pace for seamless online sales.

In Title Management, Firebrand offers the publishing industry's most sophisticated software, based on 25 years accumulated knowledge, in a configuration and price structure that works from the smallest, one-title publisher to the largest houses in the world.

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"Simon & Schuster has been working with Firebrand for almost 20 years. Their responsiveness to our needs and their general flexibility to the changing publishing environment has always been excellent."
Chief Information Officer
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